On the whole, collaborative innovation is critically important since consumers, business are increasingly at the epicentre of the economy which is subject to this increasing world of disruptive change. It is incumbent on all of us to lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny. Functions of the FSCCI .The FSCCI will strive to reinvent itself and will go from strength to strength to remain relevant and consistent in its mandate, i.e. working for the benefits of entrepreneurs while significantly contributing to the economy.
The institution lives up to its Mission Statement which is: “To serve and promote the interests of the business community in playing a leading role in the economic development of the Free State Province”. The fundamental role if the institution is to defend and promote the interests of its Members. Its membership is divided into eight main groups representing the major sectors in the Free State Province: Commerce, Industry, Financial Services, Tourism, Logistics, ICT, Property Development and other Business Services.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of things, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology materials science, energy storage and quantum computing; all of this requires a people and a nation to collaborate, be equipped, prepared to capitalise on all the opportunities and challenges facing the nation and the globe. The impact on business and ultimately the global economy is informed by the acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption. Therefore we need to lower the barriers for business and individuals to create wealth through transparency, consumer engagement by taking cognisance of new patterns of consumer behaviour.


• Represent its Members and submit views and proposals to the authorities on their behalf
• Maintain structured forms of dialogue with the public authorities
• Participate in the elaboration of strategies and policies meant to enhance the economicand social development processes of the Province
• Encourage and facilitate interaction of its Members with the public authorities in SouthAfrica and business organisations abroad
• Collect, analyse and disseminate information to its Members
• Encourage investment, productivity and improvements in technology in the country
• Promote trade in goods and services
• Initiate cooperation and affiliation programmes and other links with internationalorganisations meant to further the interests of its Members and the business community as a whole