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The fundamental role if the institution is to defend and promote the interests of its Members. Its membership is divided into eight main groups representing the major sectors in the Free State Province:
Commerce, Industry, Financial Services, Tourism, Logistics, ICT, Property Development and other Business Services.


> Represent its Members and submit views and proposals to the authorities on their behalf
> Maintain structured forms of dialogue with the public authorities
> Participate in the elaboration of strategies and policies meant to enhance the economicand social development processes of the Province
> Encourage and facilitate interaction of its Members with the public authorities in SouthAfrica and business organisations abroad
> Collect, analyse and disseminate information to its Members
> Encourage investment, productivity and improvements in technology in the country
> Promote trade in goods and services
> Initiate cooperation and affiliation programmes and other links with internationalorganisations meant to further the interests of its Members and the business community as a whole


  • Credibility
  • Marketing
  • Advocacy
  • Networking
  • Professional Development
  • Visibility





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