Who are we?

The Free State Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSCCI) established in November 2018, is the newest non-profit institution representing the private sector in the Free State Province. Our funding is based on member contributions and memberships.
With the increase in the Province’s volume of trade, the Free State’s business community felt the need for a formal representational and arbitration framework to foster the interests of the trading community and to settle disputes and conflicts arising in trade-related activities.

FSCCI will promote enterprise development, skills development training and business advisory services. The mandate of the FSCCI requires it to lobby and advocate on behalf of its members by addressing and identifying pertinent issues and forwarding them to appropriate forums in which business practitioners, through robust strategic engagements with stakeholders, drill down into issues and provide experience-based insights.

A key and valuable strength of the FSCCI is constant engagement in its area and standing networking sessions or forums. These sessions or forums will provide insight to the common challenges faced by the business communities of specific regions. They will also identify key opportunities that can be created by enabling a resilient and conducive business environment. Key to this are pioneering workable partnerships that bridge the gap between the public and private sectors.