Webinar presentation of 20 August 2020

The Free State Chamber of Commerce and Industry fulfilled on their promise to take things up one gear in its webinars by hosting brilliant credible guests speakers by hosting Thabo Pitse.

On-top of that the chamber provide unique elements of entertainment as a word artist Hape Mokhele performed during their virtual event with a performance in the beginning and the closing of their session.

Self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, business coach and president of the Free State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Thabo Pitse, shared his pearls of wisdom on how to build a finished business.

Pitse, who is also an international speaker, was unpacking the six steps to build a finished business that you can franchise, sell, keep for passive income or pass to the next generation during the chamber webinar on 18 August 2020.

He said it was vital to build a business that had a strong foundation in order to have options about it at a later stage.

Pitse, who owns a franchise of Action Coach, an international business coaching company, shared the Identity Iceberg model which speaks to how we approach life and business.

He placed emphasis on identifying with success in order to achieve it, adding that our habits made us who we are.

“Whatever you value systems is becomes exactly that. If you think you are a winner that’s what you are, if you believe you are a loser that is what you will become,” he said

About the chamber

Established in November 2018, the chamber is the newest non-profit institution representing the private sector in the Free State province.

The webinars are hosted by the chamber president Thabo Pitse and CEO Renaldo Meyer and are intended to provide a platform for businesses development in the province and deliver an accelerated economic recovery strategy in conjunction with leaders in business and government.

Each week an industry expert will make a presentation on a predetermined topic and field questions from guests.

Established in November 2018, the chamber is the newest non-profit institution representing the private sector in the Free State province.

The chamber CEO Renaldo Meyer outlined the objectives of the chamber and its functions.

He explained that the FSCCI is the preeminent voice advocating for increased trade and investment between businesses within each sector as well as with government within the Free State; with the focus on leading the Free State business community.

Renaldo said the main objective is to advocate economic growth and employment in the region.

Priorities of the chamber include:

• Enabling an innovation ecosystem
• Promoting regulatory coherence and increasing the ease of doing business
• Enhancing agreements and education regarding policy making and mitigation
• Expanding commercial support for Free State business.

For more information on how to become a member email: admin@fscci.co.za or visit our website: https://www.fscci.co.za/join-us/

For Media enquiries contact: CEO Renaldo Meyer on 084 751 0011.

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